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      Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Nantong Relais, to produce gas and liquid flow dyeing machine based product mechanical design, equipment research and development, mainly members of all experts or the industry leader, for the special purpose of the dyeing machine has strong development and manufacturing capabilities, for energy-saving emission reduction, high sealing performance, strong anti-corrosion, environmental protection equipment has unique design scheme and a successful case, the production equipment were in the domestic and international top level.

In order to adapt to the increasing development of dyeing and finishing industry of new equipment, the increasing demand for new technology, on the base of absorbing foreign advanced technology, combined with the wisdom of the domestic printing and dyeing industry experts, development and improvement of the machine and drying machine is a new generation of high temperature and high pressure air flow dyeing, short process, new technology, low energy consumption, and large diameter, tension is low, the degree of automation, etc., its excellent performance, so that many users Jiaokou praise, and export to fill the blank of such domestic equipment.

Company and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, East China University of Science and Technology, Xiamen University and other professional institutions of professional closely related to the high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine, a number of successful development, has accumulated a lot of valuable experience, at the same time for the majority of users to solve difficult problems, but also often for dyeing machinery professional manufacturers to provide high-end technical advice, in order to better and more convenient for the majority of users.

For the survival and development of the company is rely on the decision-making of the correct leadership and all staff work hard with a pioneering spirit, and adhere to the path of development of "scientific management, quality win, the pursuit of excellence", carry forward the "integrity, pragmatic and efficient" spirit of enterprise, implement the "quality first, service provided satisfactory, environmental protection and energy saving" quality policy can be achieved, the company will pay more service to customers, service to the society.

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Address: Jiangsu province Nantong City Chongchuan District wolf Town Industrial Zone
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