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Some discussion on the use of hot air stenter matters needin
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hot air stenter setting machine in use process, should pay attention to what? The following Xiaobian introduce the content, the hope can give you some help and inspiration, so that everyone in the use of the machine, can be properly operated, thereby avoiding some improper operation.

The use of hot air stenter precautions: 
(1) before driving, to check the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and safety protection device, is intact, whether the normal work. 
(1) in the heating stage, the speed of the main engine should be appropriate. To set the temperature, can be on the cloth. 
(2) the host starts, the rear of the personnel should cooperate with each other to achieve consistent. 
(3) safety protection machine import fabric cover should be intact, to prevent the occurrence of danger. 
(4) down before, first circulating fan stop, and then open the door down, until the machine temperature drops to 80 ℃ after, to stop. 
(5) the heat conduction oil pipeline in the oven, should be regularly checked, whether there is oil leakage, if timely treatment. 
(6) filling of lubricating oil, or cleaning, machine maintenance, should be in the machine under the condition of parking. 
(7) the machine, don't place any article. 
(8) in the heat sink, should be the installation of wire cover, to prevent the fabric away in the heat sink, burn, danger. 
(9) the emergency stop safety device, to carry out regular inspection, whether can normal work, there is no problem.

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