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  Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Nantong Relais, to produce gas and liquid flow dyeing machine based product mechanical design, equipment research and development, mainly members of all experts or the industry leader, for the special purpose of the dyeing machine has strong development and manufacturing capabilities, for energy-saving emission reduction, high sealing performance, strong anti-corrosion, environmental protection equipment has unique design scheme and a successful case, the production equipment were in the domestic and international top level.
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Wuxi City Yu Needle Roller Bearings Co., Ltd. has eight Luoyang Bearing Science & Technology Company production lines and more than 200 sets of special equipment domestically, the production of needle roller 1.2 billion, the roller 100 million. Company in accordance with user requirements can provide all kinds of high-precision roller (Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ), needle (G2, G3)
        According to the requirements of modern enterprise quality management, has passed ISO9001-2008 quality system certification. And to ensure that the product in strict accordance with the ISO9001 standard for quality control and production. To assure customers use。
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  Package dyeing machine for dyeing cotton, polyester, acrylic, nylon, wool, linen / cotton blended or all spin, equipped with various types of yarn, dyeing yarn of different forms such as yarn spinning cakes, Hank loose wool, yarn on warp beam and pressurized bobbin can provide single cylinder, dyeing, load range by air cushion and the type of filling 1-1296kw.
High temperature dyeing machine: flexible flow, let the senior fabric surface by the impact of the lowest to ensure non pilling, yarn twist; unique elbow design can be achieved without dead angle, tension minimum, bath than the minimum.
Carpet dyeing machine: specially adapted to the fabric, light fabric, wool fabric, the maximum weight of 800 grams, 80 grams of light fabric and the fabric dyeing and processing.
Medium - like dyeing machine: for the production of small quantities of fabric and the design, the water ratio is low, the power consumption is small, the fabric is running fast, ensure the quality and effect of dyeing. Can be directly used in the normal production of dyeing process, there are a variety of specifications for.
High temperature and high pressure dyeing machine: it is mainly used for the high temperature and high pressure dyeing of all kinds of woven fabrics. Special staining of new synthetic fiber and superfine fiber is particularly suitable for high added value. At the same time, it also can be used as the fabric of the scouring, bleaching, pre shrinkage, alkali reduction and other processing.
High temperature jet dyeing machine: it is suitable for various kinds of natural synthetic fiber, such as yarn, wire and belt, etc., the operation is simple, the yarn is provided with automatic positive and reverse control device, the use of hanging yarn is positive, reverse rotation so that the dyeing uniformity. Door cover with quick open door structure.
Open type hank dyeing machine: applied to cotton, linen, wool, artificial wool, acrylic yarn and blended skein of before and after treatment, attire gauze can complete puffs, refining, bleaching, dyeing, soft and so on a plurality of dyeing and finishing process.
Garment dyeing machine: suitable for seamless underwear, wool sweater, acrylic sweater, nylon socks, scarf, gloves, cashmere imitation and blended fabric knitted fabric dyeing and finishing processing. Operation, stable, safe, reliable, no noise, the mechanical durability.

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